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ISEA2015: The 21st International Symposium on Electronic Art
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Eric Lindemann

Boulder, CO
Eric Lindemann is an engineer, pianist, and composer. He is founder of Synful, raising the bar for expressive music synthesis. He led the design of the IRCAM Signal Processing Workstation (ISPW) for Pierre Boulez that was used in computer music facilities around the world. The ISPW included the first version of Max/MSP with real-time signal processing, developed by team member Miller Puckette. Eric Lindemann continues to collaborate with Miller Puckette and composer Philippe Manoury whose works were amoung the first to use Max with real-time DSP. Lindemann designed DSP microprocessors for Cirrus Logic, and participated in the design of the first fully programmable DSP hearing aid. His acoustic echo cancellation system United Nations, Shell Oil and in boardrooms across the globe. He worked on noise cancellation for the iPhone 5. He studied music composition with Nadia Boulanger, Olivier Messiaen and Iannis Xenakis. He played keyboards for numerous movie scores, and toured with pop groups including the Fifth Dimension and the Osmond Brothers. His current interests include explorations in evo-devo (evotionary and developmental biology) which will be the focus of Anna and Eric Lindemann's demo/presentation at ISEA2015.