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ISEA2015: The 21st International Symposium on Electronic Art
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Louise Boisclair

Author, Researcher, Postdoctoral Fellow
Montréal, QC, Canada
Ph.D. in semiotics from UQAM (MAGG). Currently doing a postdoctoral research (FRQSC 2014-2016), at the Université de Montréal, under the supervision of Brian Massumi.
My work is about affect in immersive and interactive art. I am working on a new book untitled " Affect et expérience esthétique. De l'immersion interactive à la voix de l'événement".
Early 2015, I published “L’installation interactive : un laboratoire d’expériences perceptuelles pour le participant-chercheur” with PUQ, coll. “Esthétique” , (PAES/ASPP The Awards to Scholarly Publications Program).

Member of the writing board of Archée, I have also published numerous articles, two chapters (coll. “Esthétique” PUQ) in 2013, and a chapter, Figures de l’art 26, in 2014, which won the Prix Étudiant-Chercheur-Étoiles FRQSC.

I also give conferences about actual art, aesthetic experience, interactive art, affect and perception. Have created and produced Videos, Art Experimental Film, Interactive Prototype of a Visual novel, Paintings, Mandalas, Short Texts, etc.

In fact, the aesthetic experience between art and life constituting an inexhaustible territory of existential knowledge, my research is at the intersection of interactive and immersive art, perception, corporeality, aesthetic experience, affect, empathy, writing, research-creation, mandala and tai chi.

I am a member of SenseLab and of the enlarged group IMMEDIATION (SSHRC partnership). I teach tai chi in Montréal! I play cards, scrabble and pool!