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ISEA2015: The 21st International Symposium on Electronic Art
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Shakti Dash

Crucible Studio, Aalto University School of Art, Design and Architecture
Helsinki, Finland
Shared below are backgrounds of the people involved in the Antikythera project. Shakti Dash and Rasmus Vuori will be presenting on behalf of the team at ISEA 2015.

Saila Susiluoto is Helsinki-based, awarded Finnish poet, who has investigated generative poetry since her Huonei- den kirja (A Book of Rooms, Otava 2003) collection. She’s published eight collections of poems and nominated for the Nordic Council Literature Prize in 2012. Her poems have been translated in 14 languages.

Mika ‘Lumi’ Tuomola is internationally awarded writer, dramaturge and director for New Media since “Daisy’s Amazing Discoveries” (Coronet Interactive 1996), one of the first interactive audiovisual narrative productions online, and the co-founder and director of Crucible Studio, the New Media Storytelling research group at Media Lab Helsinki in the Department of Media at Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture, Finland. September 2015 he will start as professor of narrativity in Scuola del Design, Politecnico di Milano, Italy.

Shakti Dash (presenting) is a multidisciplinary designer practicing at the intersections of digital design, technology and storytelling. Currently, he is a visual designer at Nordkapp and completing his MA New Media at the Media Lab, Aalto University.

Antti Nykyri, Helsinki-based Finnish artist, has worked with sounds and music in several contexts such as installa- tion art, contemporary dance, sound art, application design, interface research, theatre, electronic music and artistic research. During 2015 his works will be on display at the Venice Biennale, Prague Quadrennial and Gwangju Design Biennale. Nykyri is preparing his doctoral work for University of the Arts Helsinki, Theatre Academy.

Rasmus Vuori (presenting) is an internationally awarded systems architect and programmer for New Media productions that have included e.g. the Prix Möbius Nordica 2006 winner Obsession (dir. Pia Tikka). He’s currently the head of studies (MA in New Media at Media Lab Helsinki) and lecturer at the Department of Media, Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture, Finland.